Organizing Speaker Wire With Banana Plugs A quick guide on how to install banana plugs to your speaker wire.

Good Reasons To Use Banana Plugs

Banana plugs are connectors that can be connected to the end of speaker wire. There are many wonderful advantages for having banana plugs. These advantages will enable you to fully understand banana plugs as well as what purposes they serve for terminating speaker wire.

One of the biggest benefits of using banana plugs above simple bare speaker wire is the convenience that they deliver when connecting the system. Bare wire causes you to take additional time with connecting your audio system and they also can also cause problems such as stray wire shorting the entire system. It becomes an inconvenience if you need to very carefully insert and connect the bare wire two times for every speaker. With banana plugs attached to the ends of the speaker wire, all you will need to do is plug in the wire just like you would with any other cable. This can be achieved in a few seconds.

As soon as bare wire has corroded you could notice the audio from the channel start to crack or become spotty. Banana plugs can prevent this from happening since they’re resistant to oxidation. Because most banana plugs are gold plated, the copper is protected so you’ll not have to be worried about the negative troubles that exposed copper can bring. 

Another big advantage to using banana plugs is since it adds a very professional and tidy looking appearance to the installation. In most cases where bare wire is employed, the installation looks poor whenever you have stray wire protruding from the sides. So if you want to have a nicer looking result to the install your speaker system, you should consider banana plugs. 

When it comes to sound quality, banana plugs don’t produce a distinction versus bare wire. However, without banana plugs, you run the chance of the exposed copper corroding and effecting the quality of sound. This may require you to trim off the weakened ends of the speaker wire and start over in order to produce clear sound from your speakers.

The greatest issue with using bare wire as an alternative is the chance of stray wire cross terminating that may harm your whole system.

It is a good idea to get screw-type banana plugs because they’re the most convenient to install. No soldering is necessary with screw-type banana plugs.. All that you simply must do is insert the bare wire in the plug and screw the plug together clamping the bare wire on the inside. 

Overall, banana plugs are just an awesome approach to preserve and add quality to your installation also as convenience. Being that they are also found really cheap online, they are a essential purchase.